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Quality control

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Quality control :

One of STG believes is ‘Focus on Quality’,focus on China pcb assembly, we know that quality is another crucial factor in winning a good credit and positive partnership. STG focuses and puts great deal of efforts in quality control. Strict QC people are a must in STG team. From raw material purchasing, to manufacturing, final testing, all STG people pay attention to the quality, strictly follow the quality control instructions.

Material purchasing

We have established a long-term partnerships with many well-known suppliers, original IC manufacturers, as well as agents, in order to ensure all the sources of the materials are reliable.

Vendors qualification

When the vendors deliver the goods, all the materials must be approved by IQC. If any of the material were rejected, they will be returned to vendors, and the vendors loose credits in our vendor control system. When we need to explore new vendors, we have a strict evaluation system to check if the new vendor is qualified.

Manufacturing and Final QC

With experienced engineers and QA workers, each manufacturing process is checked and audited strictly. IQC check all the components, engineers review all the related production documents, QC and final QA workers double check following the production instruction.


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